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    Interested in improving staff motivation and reducing your staff turnover?
    Consider using a staff satisfaction survey; this simple yet effective tool can be used as a standalone project to provide management with knowledge on how the workforce feel about the business, thus identifying and addressing any negative findings, or it could be used as the first stage in the creation of a reward and recognition programme (RRP). An effective RRP includes understanding key employee engagement issues, formalisation of job descriptions focusing on person specifications, staff appraisals/performance reviews and face to face meeting between staff and managers.

    Willoughby Ansell can create and control this full process or any of its singular elements, resulting in a workforce that have a greater understanding of the business they work for and the impact of their role within it. This can lead to a more committed employee, working smarter and productively and reducing staff turnover. Employee Engagement also links closely with performance management as it can assist in identifying and addressing poor performance.

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